Hip Help and Core Control Workshop

Hip Help & Core Control Workshop

Sunday January 20, 1:00pm-3:00pm.  $40.  Members pay only $15!

Ever struggled with core strength, had low back pain or felt that your back restricted motions in the fabric/on the apparatus? Do you have back and hip flexibility goals that you haven’t been able to achieve?
We understand – that’s why we developed this course! Join Angie & Sarah (of ACRO PT) for a 2 hour seminar/workshop that is packed with knowledge, self-assessment tools and exercises to help your hips and control your core!

In this course you will get a broad introduction to the anatomy of the back & hips, the muscles in your core/pelvic floor, and the real reason(s) that your psoas always seems tight. We will review some self-assessment tools that you can use to isolate areas of weakness/restriction that you have & some exercises to address them. To finish the course off, we will teach/perform a 10-15 minute yoga sequence designed to improve hip and low back flexibility gradually & safely.

Space is limited, so sign up early! Cost is $15 for Monarca members & $40 for non-members.

  Angie Prescott PT, DPT, CMPT, CSCS has over 20 years experience in gymnastics and acrobatics and has been in the field of rehabilitation, physical therapy and sports medicine for over 13 years. Her love of acrobatics and aerials have led her to become a specialist in the injuries that these athletes commonly see. Owner of ACRO Physical Therapy & Fitness, her goal is to “inspire individuality” by providing evidence-based treatment and information so that her patients and clients can pursue their life and fitness goals without limitation or pain.