Injury Prevention Seminar

Preventing shoulder, arm and upper back injuries

An introductory injury prevention program for aerialists

Saturday September 16, 3:00pm.  $50.  Members pay only $10!

Injuries and weakness can impede your progression as an aerialist and leave you on the ground and unable to train. Rather than suffer through an injury, prevention and knowledge are ideal ways to keep you in the studio and inspired!

In this seminar, Angie will be discussing the core, upper back, arms and shoulders. Participants will be given an overview of the relevant basic anatomy & physiology, potential areas of dysfunction and common injuries in these body areas that plague aerialists. Beyond that – the class involves significant audience participation as there will be a strengthening and stretching program reviewed and provided with the goal of minimizing your injury risk and help you progress your training!

  Angie Prescott PT, DPT, CMPT, CSCS has over 20 years experience in gymnastics and acrobatics and has been in the field of rehabilitation, physical therapy and sports medicine for over 13 years. Her love of acrobatics and aerials have led her to become a specialist in the injuries that these athletes commonly see. Owner of ACRO Physical Therapy & Fitness, her goal is to “inspire individuality” by providing evidence-based treatment and information so that her patients and clients can pursue their life and fitness goals without limitation or pain.

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