Workshops with Rain Anya of Paper Doll Militia

Split Tissu Crusade

Saturday April 6, 12:00pm – 2:00pm.  $60

In this workshop we will be exploring the exciting world of split tissus. All climbs, wraps drops, and sequences presented in this class will come from split tissu, but this is not your run of the mill “double crochet” material. This class is fast paced and will cover a broad range of material. Bring something to document material with. 

Beginner Workshop – Pre-requisites: Ability to climb (standard and russian) and descend with control, solid single and double footlocks in the air, ability to invert without assistance from ground. Inverting from a climb is not a requirement for this workshop. 


Spiral Up / Drip Down

Saturday April 6, 2:30pm – 4:30pm, $60

An exciting silks workshop by Paper Doll Militia focusing on sequence climbs and interesting descents that take the entire length of the silks. In this workshops you will not only learn material which lends itself to spirals and fluid curvey movement, we will also be exploring the body techniques involved in executing this style. Learn how to free up your spine, curve into the silks, and connect one movement to the next in a flowing style that will transform your relationship to the silks.

Beginner / Intermediate workshop – Pre-requisites: Ability to climb (standard and russian) and descend with control, solid single and double footlocks in the air, ability to invert cleanly from a climb multiple times throughout the workshop. 


Breaking the Circle – Lyra

Sunday April 7, 11:0oam – 1:00pm, $60

This workshop focuses on how we can expand our ideas of what’s possible on a Lyra. Utilizing asymmetrical choreography and momentum work, we will collaboratively find new pathways and approaches Lyra, that breaks through the classic idea of “pose and spin” style.

Beginner / Intermediate Lyra workshop – Pre-requisites: Ability to complete fundamental skills on the Lyra including side mounts, pullover, and double knee hangs in addition to a variety of basic poses.



Aerialist, actor, and dancer Rain Anya holds a degree in “Performance for Social Change.” She has trained extensively in aerial and physical theatre, including immersive programs such as Circomedia (Bristol, UK), NECCA (Brattleboro, VT), and Circle in the Square (NYC, NY). Rain’s aerial career began with the political circus company Wise Fool New Mexico. Out of inspired collaborations there, the seeds for the Paper Doll Militia were sown. With over 20 years of experience on stage, Rain’s life’s work is the integration of circus arts with other performance and movement disciplines. Notable credits include: BALD; Beyond the Veil; Fog Fest (San Francisco); London-based Peter Pan, (US tour), This Twisted Tale (U.S. Tour and Edinburgh Fringe Festival), Circus Luminous (Santa Fe), Chicago Contemporary Circus FestivalMoisture Festival (Seattle), Exposed (Atlanta), LoopsEnd (New Orleans) & Manipulate Festival (Edinburgh, UK). Rain has acted as an aerial consultant and choreographer on a number of projects including training Katrina Kaif for her role in the Bollywood box office hit Dhoom3.  Rain is also a passionate aerial arts and yoga instructor. She has taught classes, specialty workshops, and private lessons at over 25 different facilities across the US and the