Nimble Arts Workshops

Workshops from Nimble Arts 
April-May 2018

 Monarca in Flight is proud to host workshops by 

Nimble Arts founders Elsie and Serenity Smith are also the founders of NECCA.  We’re hosting them to offer part of their world-class teacher training program.


Intro to Teaching Aerials
Monday  April 30 – Friday May 4, $950

10% discount for Monarca in Flight members

This is a 5 day overview to the art of teaching trapeze and aerial fabric, with a focus on spotting techniques, injury prevention, psychology of teaching, basic rigging concepts and class management. This in depth and holistic approach to teaching is appropriate for new teachers and those with experience, and for those who work with youth or adults in a variety of educational environments including circus schools, gymnastics programs, summer camps, fitness studios and more. This workshop is required for application to the Nimble Arts™ Certification Course, a multi level program guiding participants to become safe and capable circus arts teachers for both the hearts and bodies of their students.

All students are expected to prepare by successfully completing the elements in the required Nimble Arts™ DVD: Aerial Fabric: Beginning Level 1 prior to the start of the workshop. Trapeze experience is not necessary but it will make your journey easier.
Required materials:
DVD Aerial Fabric: Beginning Level 1: purchase in advance and practice ahead of the start of the workshop

Age: Adult 16+ or permission of instructor

Cancellation policy: There will be a 10% administrative fee for any cancellations. If participation is cancelled less than 1 month prior to the workshop no refund will be given.

Intro to Teaching Aerials schedule

Monday8:30 am registration
9 am - 5 pm workshop
Tuesday8:30 am warm up
9 am - 5 pm workshop
Wednesday11:30 am warm up
12 - 8:30 pm workshop
(includes Sample Class for the public 6 – 7 pm)
Thursday8:30 am warm up
9 am - 5 pm workshop
Friday8:30 am warm up
9 am - 3 pm workshop


Fabric: Foundation Level
Saturday May 5 – Sunday May 6, 2018, $395

10% discount for Monarca in Flight members

This course will guide you though the curriculum created by Nimble Arts™ to provide clear and effective progressions and spotting techniques for beginner aerial fabric students. Working with skills that can be executed close to the ground focus is on body awareness, fabric placement, spotting techniques and meeting the conditioning needs of novice and beginner students.


  • Gain a broader knowledge of fabric skills accessible to beginners with a focus on those that prepare the body for deeper physical learning.
  • Learn how to execute skills to give visual instruction.
  • Learn how to give clear verbal instruction.
  • Learn how to spot and kinesthetically guide skills for safety and improved student success.
  • Learn variations and progressions to increase student success with a focus on difficult to instruct skills.
  • Learn how to identify basic physical weaknesses & imbalances and techniques for helping students achieve success by working around or improving these weaknesses.

  • Introduction to Teaching Aerials course
  • Be comfortable executing, without prompting, skills from Nimble Arts™ DVD: Aerial Fabric Beginning Level 2 including cross back straddle, and be comfortable inverting off the ground. If you are not sure if you are at the necessary skill level please contact Elsie at Note that participants who do not meet the required experience level will be asked to sit out the workshop and will not be refunded.
  • Exceptions to this skill level requirement can be made for teachers with physical limitations that do not hinder their ability to be competent teachers AND spotters at the Foundation level. (For example: someone in a foot cast with previous experience who can still spot and execute some skills, or someone with a shoulder injury who academically knows the skills required and are comfortable spotting.) Please contact Elsie at for more information.
Required materials:

Fabric Foundation Level schedule

Saturday8:30 am registration
9 am - 5 pm workshop
Sunday8:30 am warm up
9 am - 4 pm workshop

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