Showcase ticket information


Showcase ticket holders

In case you didn’t receive the emails, here’s what you need to know

We don’t send out paper tickets.  We will have a check-in station, and your name will be on our list.  Please stop at the table so we can check you in when you arrive.  Your reservation will be under the name listed on your Paypal account.


The performance will be in the parking lot of St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in Annandale, VA:

6800 Columbia Pike

Annandale, VA 22003

St. Alban’s is just east of the town of  Annandale, just off  Columbia Pike.  Mason District Park is on the other side of Columbia Pike.

=== Update due to weather forecast

We will set up in the church parish hall, so our outdoor show is now indoors.  There’s plenty of good ventilation, but we will require everyone to be masked while inside (except performers during their individual performances).

Unfortunately, there’s not enough room for chairs to accommodate all the tickets we’ve sold.  So we’re doing 2 shows!  The first show will be at 2:30 as originally scheduled.  The second will be at 6:30.  We do know that we’ll be missing a cast member or two for the second show, but it’ll still be great.

We don’t really have a way of sorting audience members into groups equitably, so we’re throwing this out there and hoping for the best.  We’ll let folks in first-come, first-served, and when we’re full, we’re full.  We’re crossing our fingers that enough people will self-sort into the later show that it won’t be a problem.