Showcase info


Music deadline:  Jan 31.
mp3 or m4a files into the Dropbox folder — the exact recording you want for your performance.  Don’t expect me to go chasing down music from a web link or a YouTube video.

Ongoing:  Monday performance workshops 7-9 pm.  Sign up through Mindbody.

All performers will be expected to be in attendance for all rehearsals and performances

Photo shoot: March 5, 6:30 pm.  Cast call 5:30 pm.

Dress rehearsals: March 12, 19, 7 pm.  Cast call 6 pm.

Final Dress rehearsal: March 23, 7 pm.  Cast call 6 pm.

Performances: March 24, 2:00 pm and 7:30 pm.  Cast call noon and 5:30 pm, respectively.



First Name Last Name Inspiration Country/Region/Culture Apparatus
Seda Bozkurt Turkey Sling
David Wittenberg Mexico Rope
Kat/Hilary Stroot/Eckberg Iceland Silks
Cadence & Hazel Yu Taiwan Split silks
Natalia Zambrano Munoz Colombia Silks
Bonnie May New Orleans, Louisiana Fabric
Jacquelyn Paulin Argentina Silk fabric
courtney harman Greek mythology silks
Debra O’Reagan England Silks
Lisa zhang China Silks
Ahren/Brigid Groesch/Skorup France Partner acro and Duo trapeze
Acoatzin Torres Spain Lyra
Clair Vogel Thailand Static Trapeze
Lauren Bland Italy Silks
Veniqua Stewart Jamaica Dance Trapeze



2:00 performance

7:30 performance