Monarca in Flight Aerial Arts Studio

You asked, we’re responding!

We’ve had several requests for Open Gym sessions during weekday evening hours.  Now they’re here!  We’re offing two different options:  Experienced Aerialists and Floor Only. Since our instructors are busy teaching, weekday evening aerial Open Gym sessions will be loosely supervised, so only experienced, approved aerialists can sign up.  If you want to get on the approved list, contact us to set up an evaluation. The […]

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What is aerials, anyway?

“Aerials” is a general term for any of a number of performing activities that originated in the circus.  Aerials includes silks (also called fabric or tissu), lyra (hoop), rope, sling, hammock, trapeze (various styles, depending on how it’s rigged and used), and various other apparatus.  Exploring aerials is a great way to work out, to build and tone muscle (including core!), to increase cardio, stamina, […]

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