You asked, we’re responding!

We’ve had several requests for Open Gym sessions during weekday evening hours.  Now they’re here!  We’re offing two different options:  Experienced Aerialists and Floor Only.

Since our instructors are busy teaching, weekday evening aerial Open Gym sessions will be loosely supervised, so only experienced, approved aerialists can sign up.  If you want to get on the approved list, contact us to set up an evaluation.

The Floor Only session is for those who want to practice their skills from our floor classes, work on routines for upcoming performances, or just get a decent stretch/workout.  Proper safety measures must be followed, including warmup/cooldown, and usage of mats and other safety equipment.

If you’d want to take advantage of weeknight sessions, be sure to contact us to make sure we’re set up with the equipment you need before you arrive.

Schedule a session now!