Redeeming a Groupon

Welcome to Monarca in Flight!

To use your Groupon credits, you’ll need to sign up for one of our Intro classes.  There are two:  Intro to Soft Apparatus (silk and sling), and Intro to Hard Apparatus (lyra and trapeze).  After you’ve taken your intro class, you can use your remaining credits toward Beginner classes in one of the apparatus you’ve been exposed to or towards some of the other classes we offer.

If you’re registering multiple people, each person must have his/her own Groupon code. Groupons are not shareable.

Note:  Groupon credits cannot be used for the Handstand class or the Gymnastic Strength Training (GST) class.

To redeem your Groupon, first check out our class schedule to find the Intro class that’s right for you:

Then send an email to with the following information:

1, Groupon voucher number (the 8-digit number under the barcode)
2. Your name
3. Your phone #
4. Your email address
5. The date/time of the intro class you’d like to take:  Soft Apparatus (fabric & sling) or Hard Apparatus (lyra/hoop & trapeze).  Since class sizes are limited, please provide a second date/time in case the one you want is already full.

We’ll get you enrolled and send a confirmation.

Looking forward to seeing you in class!